We are here to help you make shipping as easy as possible. Review the options below to find out what type of shipping might be best for you.

You Might Use:

Blanket Wrap Shipping
(contiguous United States only)

This service is best for medium to large furniture. Because they transport via ground service, it is available only within the contiguous United States. Blanket wrap shippers individually wrap your pieces to protect the surfaces during transport. They provide door-to-door service: scheduling a pick-up with us at the gallery and delivering it at your convenience. Cost varies and is determined by the size of your shipment and your location. Unless you have made alternate arrangements, payment for these shippers is cash on delivery (COD).

  • All Directions Moving and Storage
  • Specializes in antiques and fine art moving for the East Coast and Midwest, based in Florida with storage facilities in New York
  • Contact: Margaret
  • Phone: 941 758 3800
  • Fax: 941 758 3855
  • Always Delivery Service LLC
  • An independent and local art and furniture delivery company servicing the Chicago land area
  • Contact: Garth Borovicka
  • Phone: 773 680 9384
  • Fax: 312 733 0136
  • Boughtwood LLC
  • Based in New Jersey and servicing the NYC area, CT, MA, DC and points on route to Chicago and New York
  • Contact: Lesley or Timothy Boughtwood
  • Phone: 732 539 1700
You Might Use:

Pack & Ship Shipping

This service is best for small to medium sized items (both furniture and objects) and these shippers transport via both ground and air service so international delivery is available. The shipper professionally packs the items and arranges transport via freight service. These shippers also provide door-to-door service, though you are responsible for unpacking your purchase and often for the disposal of the crate once delivered. Cost varies and is determined by the size of your shipment and your location. Typically, payment for these services is required in advance. This is the only method available for international shipments and a proforma invoice stating the purchase price must be included with the shipment.

  • Safepak Services
  • National and international crating and shipping
  • Contact: Jim Cubert
  • Phone: 773 736 3616
  • The UPS Store
  • National and international packing and shipping with some weight and size restrictions
  • Contact: Terry Larkin
  • Phone: 312 243 9500
  • Fax: 312 243 1515